What is the Vichy shower?

Water is the main component of any spa experience and hydrotherapy has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years, since the time of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Vichy is the name of a town in France where there are 5 hot springs that inspired the design of this shower.

The Vichy shower massage is a special form of hydrotherapy with stunning results in improving blood circulation and boosting the lymphatic system.

The Vichy shower consists of a set of 5-7 shower heads, smaller than usual, set up in a row over a therapy table so that „a cascade of hot water” is obtained while the patient is lying down.

To increase its efficiency, Vichy Showering can be combined with a relaxation massage with essential oils or with a body scrub.

There are many benefits of the Vichy shower, here are just a few:

– Blood circulation improvement

– Lymphatic circulation boosting

– Dead cells exfoliation

– Deep moisturization of the skin

– Prevention of cellulite

– Muscle pain relief

The Vichy shower massage is one of the most effective and pleasant ways to relax. It can be recommended as a simple form of hydrotherapy or part of a more complex body treatment ritual preceded by exfoliation, mud massage, different types of wraps (mud, cellulite gels, moisturizing gels).

As part of a preventive wellbeing and healthcare program, a Vichy shower is recommended regularly, every 2 weeks.

You can enjoy the hydrotherapy at Ana Aslan Health Spa in Eforie North or at Sport Wellness Spa in Poiana Brasov.

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