Versatile therapies of choice


Versatile therapies of choice: Cervical massage. Techirghiol saltwater. Decoctions of plants. Shirodhara. And last but not least, the aroma of a sensational coffee.

Do you want to find out what the versatile therapies are for? Well, let’s take them one at a time:

A deep relaxation massage of the scalp and cervical region stimulates blood circulation and nerve endings, eliminates painful muscle sprains, restores mental balance and the power of concentration. We can say „Goodbye” to depression and anxiety and „Hello” to tranquillity and good mood!

What else can be said about a relaxing bath in the saltwater pool at Techirghiol Lake and about the decoctions of plants collected from mountainous areas, enveloping us in the vegetal aromas, in a proper corner of nature?

Natural therapy for insomnia, stress, and anxiety, Shirodhara is nothing more than a sublime, extremely pleasing scalp massage, inspired by traditional Indian Ayurveda medicine, with a tradition of over 6,000 years.

„Shiro” means head, „Dhara” means dripping oil into a continuous thread. The massage consists of pouring oil on the forehead from a certain height, continuously, using a special movement that allows the oil to flow and then run through the scalp and hair. The oil is absorbed through the hair follicles and has the role of calming the central nervous system, thus reducing stress, preventing the installation of diseases caused by it.

The oils used are special, being prepared with nutritious and tonic natural ingredients: sesame, castor, coconut, basil, valerian, sage, passionflower, and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg.


The continuous thread of warm oil smoothens our forehead in a slight rocking motion from one temple to another, following a direction approximately in the center of the forehead, in the „mind’s eye”, with a slow and constant healing speed.

As the level of serotonin, the „hormone of happiness” increases, we feel all our thoughts gradually dissolving, gliding in a subtle state of inner silence, of ingratiation that fills our soul.

The aroma of good coffee sipped on the terrace in the comfort of the sunbeams and the abandonment in a lost hammock in the wonderful hotel garden will plunge the fatigue and stress into obsolescence, increasing the optimism and well-being.

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