Turn a Spa Treatment into a Weekly Routine!

An Article by Sonia Argint Ionescu

In a world where we are always on the run and we want to perform at our best in everything we do: be the best at the job, be the best parents for our children and at the same time not neglect friends and social life, I’d say it has become essential to get some breathing space every now and then, a space just for ourselves to put our thoughts and priorities in order, to return to ourselves and to our values.

And I believe I’m fully entitled to talk about it since I have the necessary experience, since I have a husband, two children and several jobs.

Sonia Argint Ionescu

After having passed through difficult moments, I came to understand a very important thing, which I know a lot of people do not pay too much attention. The love and caring we offer ourselves, the tiny bits of pampering are really important.

This is not about a selfish attitude. I would say quite to the contrary, it is a selfless gesture. When we take care of ourselves and we are in harmony with the dear ones around us, we  will be more willing to provide love and smiles to everyone in our lives, to those we love.

For this reason I chose to tell you here about my relationship with the SPA treatment and invite you to discover my initiation in this universe.
I was born and raised in the city. In the largest and busiest city in the country. The urban environment is where I perform daily activities and in general I am quite well adapted to its tumult. Yet everything around us is becoming more demanding and stressful. The effects of this day-to-day chaos are easily noticeable – we start losing patience in traffic, with our children or in some sort of conversation with our partner.
I decided I must regularly make time for myself and for my well-being. And I was quite surprised to find out that after a  SPA treatment I was a lot happier. That’s because after such an experience, the good hormones in our brain, specifically dopamine and serotonin, rush in with a state of well-being.
The SPA treatment also helps me a lot because I work out and run regularly. Just a few weeks ago I ran a half marathon. It is a considerable distance and it does require recovery. So a few hours at the SPA helped me get rid of the sore muscles (yes, even if you are well trained, muscle pain and fever do come in the way). A massage done by a person with whom you resonate energetically is godsend, I tell you!
Regular visits to the spa also help you eliminate toxins and boost your metabolism and blood flow. But do not forget the water, both during the procedures and in everyday life.
And if up to here I have not yet convinced you to treat yourself to some spa time every now and then, here are some more reasons:
• It is quality time you spend just with yourself (everybody needs it);
• You can use a SPA treatment to have a rendezvous with your better half (yes, SPA therapies can be enjoyed as a couple as well);
• It is the kind of outing which you can enjoy with a best friend (other than ordinary shopping);
• If you decided to start a new stage in your life, it is  great way to get prepared for it;
• You will be able to take better care of yourself and of the people you love (a positive state of mind will influence considerably the general atmosphere at home);
• Surely you have promised yourself to try something new this year 🙂

So don’t spend too much time thinking about it and just look for a SPA treatment to unwind for a few hours. I would to get your feedback and see whether I was right or wrong with the above!

Sonia Argint Ionescu is a TV presenter, a blogger and Ambassador of the Bucharest Semi-Marathon.

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