When we were kids, the stories with princes and princesses, knights and villains, or the struggle between good and evil were the number one inspiration for games, as well as the pretext for bedtime cuddles with our parents or grandparents. As we grow up, we have to carry on this good habit and tell our children and grandchildren stories that we once heard from our parents.

When we take our children to places that speak about our heritage over the centuries, reality and fantasy mingle and flourish together. This is the feeling you get once you arrive in the Brasov area with your family: you re-discover the beauty of history and re-live childhood stories at the same time. Anyone arriving in Brasov will marvel at the magic of the historic center, but there are also other equally special places to include on the Brasov treasure hunt map.

A Walk in the Brasov Şcheii

A stroll in the old part of Brasov called Scheii will unveil one of the most beautiful areas of the city, with a history older than the history of the Brasov Fortress itself. Once you arrive in this rural-looking, medieval – spirited neighborhood, you shouldn’t be afraid to get lost in the narrow streets with picturesque houses and dream of what it is like to spend an afternoon in their gardens with full mountain view.

Two of the most important treasures of Schei are the St. Nicholas Church and the First Romanian School. Here you can meet Professor Vasile Oltean, who takes care not only of rare books and documents but also of an entire corpus of old Romanian culture and traditions. Children will be absolutely spellbound by his stories about very early books and the wooden benches of the School will no longer seem uncomfortable for them. When the lesson is over, it’s time to continue your journey with the cheerfulness of a pupil who has just had the best school day.

Conquering the Brasov Fortress

Your journey can continue with a slight climb to the Brasov Fortress. If you start from Central Park, in about 20 minutes you can reach the point where guards used to watch over the entire city. The Citadel is amazingly very well preserved and is now a real tourist attraction which maintains the medieval spirit alive.

Stone walls, four bastions and alleys inside the palace take you back to a time when this place was an important defense point. From the Castle Hill you get to see both the historic and the new parts of the town. Although the panorama from the fortress is nice, it cannot compare to what you can see from Tampa, so here’s the next challenge.

The view from Tâmpa

One of the richest in legends in Brasov, Tâmpa has become the symbol of the city. Nobody can claim they have seen Brasov unless they have climbed the Tâmpa hill. To reach the top you can climb on foot, but to enjoy the view to the fullest, you should take the cable car to the top and then walk on your way back, enjoying the fresh air mountain.

If you choose to go up by cable car, it will take no more than 10 minutes from the cable car stop to the Belvedere spot. No matter which route you choose to get here, you will love it once you get there, and the panoramic photos taken here will certainly remain some of the most cherished ones in your family album. And once you are up there you will conquer new sights which you will want to visit and conquer quite soon.

Treasures in Râşnov

No farther than 20 km away from Brasov, Rasnov is a charming small city that amazes anyone who arrives in this area. Rasnov Citadel is one of the best preserved fortified ensembles dating back to medieval times. Inside the fortress there is a museum which showcases weapons, various tools, art objects and clothing items from the feudal medieval period.

Although Rasnov Citadel is the main attraction of the city, Rasnov itself hosts many sporting and cultural festivals throughout the year such as the Festival of Historic Film, the Equestrian Festival and the Snow Festival. Once you have reached Râşnov, you shouldn’t miss hiking in the Râşnoavei valley, the Cumidava or the Cave Valley City.

The news of the season has been the newly-opened park with life-sized dinosaurs, one of the largest dinosaur parks in southeastern Europe. Dino Park will certainly turn out to be a treasure for your kids who may wonder what’s in for them in this history-laden city.

Prejmer fortified church

The unique experience with your family continues with a world cultural heritage monument. The Prejmer fortified church is the best preserved and most powerful medieval fortified church in Eastern Europe. The majestic stone-walled court will take you back to the past and the interior Gothic church gives you the chance to notice the characteristics of one of the most beautiful architectural styles.

If you’re lucky, during your visit you can enjoy an organ concert, the complex instrument being still fully functional. The Prejmer Peasant Fortress houses a small ethnographic museum with pottery collections and painted furniture. A visit to this museum will teach you a lot about the fascinating Saxon traditions.

This outstanding journey will certainly cover more than one day and it will unveil a lot of surprises for big and small alike. In order to enjoy every step of the way, make sure you find accommodation in a special place where you can rest and enjoy some pampering at the end of each day and which can give you the perfect start to a new treasure hunt.