Land of Buzau: volcanoes, haystacks, chamois and otters

The Buzau surroundings are quite little known and promoted, but certainly very interesting for all ages. If you spend a few days in the Brasov area or simply want to escape one day in Bucharest, here are some ideas.

If you prefer travelling by car …

From Eagle Lake / the Lake with no Bottom to the Mud Volcanoes, on the road linking Brasov to Buzau, it seems that time has stopped. The national road 10 runs through the town of Brasov to Întorsura Buzau. In the morning, Intorsura Buzaului is always shrouded by a thick fog that may well give you the creeps. It is an area with most interesting valleys and many unexplained geological and meteorological phenomena.

By train…

I also recommend the train from Brasov to Siriu, that way you will have the opportunity to cross the longest tunnel in the country, over 4.3 km, the so-called „ghost tunnel”.

Back in the car …

The winding road will take you to Siriu lake and the Casoca waterfall. Here and there you will want to jump in the hay stacks and you can also see otters.

Locals are extremely hospitable, they won’t let you leave with a dry throat (you have to try the Chiojdu brandy) or hungry for that matter (I recommend you to ask for the famous duck on cabbage).

Less than 4 km off the main road in Siriu, walking through the forest, you can feel the vibrations of the Casoca waterfall. Locals claim that the notorious outlaw Gheorghilas used to hide here.

Be careful, however, not to remain around here in the evening, because you could run into the famous Buzau bear. If you are fond of hiking through the forest, you can take the trail to the waterfall, and finally you will reach the Buzau Mountains – the Mountain Horse Bridge. At 1400 m you will see the periglacial lake, also known as the Bottomless Lake (which, by the way, is a myth, since its greatest depth is two meters).

The winding trail then passes through the gate, where powerful air currents meet all the ridges. We discovered lots of chamois in the Buzau Mountains (on our way to the lake) , dishes dating back to times immemorial, to the outlaws and shepherds living around here.

If you go to Buzau Land, you can also walk on the moon. How can you do that? Well, it’s really easy, you head towards the active mud volcanoes. A few dozen kilometers from the Siriu town you reach Berka, the place where you may believe you stepped on the moon. With the mud trickling down from the volcanoes not having dried up, you stand a fair chance to remember the first steps on the moon or even your own childhood, if you’re lucky to see how the little ones slip in the mud …

These areas will persuade you that it was worth discovering this beautiful part of Romania, unknown to many, where the oina is still practiced and the bison still reigns over the region’s fauna.

The Buzau land is where I got back in touch with childhood, as a free and dreamy soul.

Gabriela Sandica is 26 years old and a member of the Front Office team at Crowne Plaza hotel. She is passionate about travelling, adrenaline, sport, health and beauty, the latter being inseparable in her opinion.

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