TIMEOUT, STRESS! We Are Here to Prevent Burnout

Living a healthy and long life in the third millennium is no easy task. Not when stress lurks around to make you feel confused and overwhelmed. In trying to live in the promised land of, well, everything, we all overreach – both on a personal and professional level. So we end up falling in the classic trap – the burnout.

The Burnout Syndrome, also known as “chronic fatigue” is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged exposure to stressful situations. It’s a negative state of being that does not spare anyone who takes it for granted. Moreover, it spills over into every area of life. The proof? Well, even active, young individuals can experience burnout.

Chronic fatigue can have a negative impact on your emotional being. That is why we should keep a lookout for the first symptoms:

  • Emotional exhaustion;
  • Lack of interest and motivation;
  • Neglect of yourself and your favorite activities;
  • Feeling of helplessness and helplessness.

Dr. Mihaela Cucu, Medical Director at ANA Aslan Health Spa, has given us some professional guidance in how to deal with burnout.

“To prevent the Burnout Syndrome, I recommend all stressful everyday activities to be suspended periodically. Wellness centers represent a handy solution.

One clear goal should be getting rid of the effects of stress through detox or fitness. Another could be simply performing a mental reset – in order, maybe, to overcome difficult hurdles in your personal life, changes on the professional level or an emotional imbalance.

This way you can aim for better and healthier lifestyle choices and turn your attention to yourself and your inner balance.

At ANA Aslan Health Spa, we have a wide range of high-quality services supported by nature’s gifts (aerosol agents, sapropelic mud, sunshine, the salt-rich water of the Black Sea and Techirghiol Lake).

Ana Aslan Health Spa Treating Burnout Syndrome
Hamam in the Ana Aslan Health Spa Crowne Plaza Bucharest

The multitude of therapies offers both the mind and the body the stress-relief harmony the two need.

I recommend the cervical strain relief massage designed to eliminate painful contractions and tension in the scalp by stimulating the circulatory system and nerve endings. It also restores the emotional and mental balance of the body while fighting depression and anxiety. Ultimately, it generates an infusion of good mood and inner peace.

A relaxing bath with salt water from Techirghiol Lake and decoctions of plants harvested in unpolluted mountain areas will also be of great help in relieving the burnout syndrome. The water’s aromas and natural calming effect will definitely make you feel like you’ve reached your own corner of Paradise. 

Techirghiol Pool massage Treating Burnout SyndromeTreating Burnout Syndrome
Massage with mud from Techirghiol Pool

Another natural therapy that will relieve stress, insomnia and anxiety is Shirodhara – a sublime, extremely pleasant oil treatment, inspired by Ayurvedic tradition, with a tradition of over 6,000 years. A continuous warm oil stream drips onto your forehead specifically in alignment with the third-eye or Anja chakra.

Last but not least, the “Floating Therapy” could do wonders in your anti-stress efforts. One such float pod resides inside the ANA Wellness & Spa in Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest.

Float Pod Ana Aslan Health Spa Crowne Plaza Bucharest
Float Pod Ana Aslan Health Spa Crowne Plaza Bucharest

The experience involves lying on your back in an enclosed float pod which is filled with heated water. This, in turn, is infused with pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. Some of the benefits of the Epsom salts are elimination of daily accumulated stress and anxiety, decompression of the muscles and an open invitation to a good night sleep.

Most people today complain of a magnesium deficiency. And here is where the Epsom salt baths come into effect. They are great at increasing the magnesium levels which, in turn, are responsible for the detox of the body.”

However, the vast menu of therapies provided at the ANA Aslan Wellness & Spa centers is not enough to forever ban the burnout syndrome from your life. Not unless you do not follow a proper, light diet consisting of vegetables, fish, fresh fruit and lots of sunshine.

Just lay back in our beautiful garden by the sea, try out the yoga sessions and meditation workshops available on site, bring your favorite book along and lose yourself in the story while living, well, inside one. A fairy-tale with a happy ending.

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