Stay in shape during and after holidays!

Sonia la Eforie NordI recently returned from a holiday on the seaside. It was a week of complete relaxation … I mean I did not move a finger. What can I say, a well deserved vacation after lots of work and accumulated fatigue. I sat basking in the sun (of course with SPF cream), ate three meals a day and read a lot. But I was careful to observe some nutrition rules so as not to return home with an extra “luggage”, if you know what I mean.

We all need to get lazy and do nothing one week per year. If the hotel you choose offers a buffet meal plan, full board or all-inclusive, that means children are taken care of and, as far as I am concerned, temptation is great. But, to be really honest, (I usually don’t like that phrase but now it is the most appropriate one) I care a lot about my figure. I work hard to keep a good shape, run every day and restrain from too large portions. Here are a few easy rules to follow in order to remain supple even after the holiday.

Choose small plates
When you face a buffet with everything your heart desires, the temptation to fill up your plate is great. Most often, we eat more than we need. So a smaller portion is always better. Then, when you take a trip back to the buffet, you have time enough to realize that you already full. I always choose small plates or bowls of soup.

I never let myself tempted by a croissant with jam or chocolate cream. In fact, I don’t even feel the need to eat something like that. Instead, I eat fruit. I particularly enjoy feeling their natural flavours, and that gives me a good mood, plus a great energy. So afterwards I go to the beach with flat abs.
An euqally tasty and nourishing alternative is a little plain yogurt with cereal. Or a fried egg with a small slice of whole grain bread. Until noon it is definitely enough.

For me the ideal lunch consists of cream soup (ideally, this would be one of my personal favorites: tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli) and large a salad. We have spent this holiday season at Ana Hotels Europa in Eforie Nord. And I was elated to discover an entire buffet with salads prepared with lots of imagination. My favorite was the one with kale, nuts, pomegranates, apple and cranberries. Absolutely delicious !! But I had other choices every day. A Cesar salad, a Greek salad, tuna salad, coleslaw, salad with tomatoes, onions and cheese. I’m sure your mouth is watering already, just as mine is now, remembering them!

This is the moment when I am tempted by dessert. I said already I am not into a specific strict diet, I eat whatever I’m craving, but in small quantities. So if something sweet winks at me, I will not hesitate. But if I do not feel like eating it right after lunch, I keep it on a saucer plate and eat it around five o’clock, after my noon sleep, at coffee. Yes, Yes! During holidays I do sleep at noon, and it feels great!
While on holidays, I do not know why, but it never eat late. Around 19:00 I get hungry so I don’t wait longer. Nutritionists say a perfect dinner should be made up of protein and vegetables. So I stick to that. Most of the times I choose fish with grilled or sautéed vegetables, beef with cabbage or lettuce salad.
But on some evenings, though the temptation is high, I will not restrain myself from a delicious lasagna or other pasta dish. And if I crave for dessert (which I’d better not), then I choose a cup of lemon sorbet or two teaspoons of any other sweet delight I crave for.

Snacks and beverages
Avoid sweet juices during holidays. A lemonade with mint, sweetened with honey is a very inspired choice for those who want to stay slim after the holidays. Drink plenty of water. Besides being well hydrated, your hunger will be reduced. As far as a glass of wine or prosecco or champagne, go for it without hesitation, we know it is even recommended by doctors …

These are my own diet rules while on vacation. I want to enjoy the time without getting frustrated. There can be no question of keeing a diet during this period. However, I eat so as not to throw away my entire work in just a few days. So I keep moving, running, exercising. But about the sports I practice during holiday I will talk about in the second part of the series.

So stay supple during and after the holidays!

Enjoy your holiday but #stayhealthy and #stayfit!



Sonia Argint Ionescu is TVR presenter („Vreau Sa Fiu Sanatos!”) and blogger.

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