Muscular Sprain – The first victim: THE NECK OR CERVICAL vertebrae

What is happening when you become too close to so-called muscular sprain, especially in the neck and shoulder muscles, very well known among all computer workers or researchers.

You say: Enough is enough!

The neck muscles support all the head weight. They can bear the brunt of overstretching and of any other problems related to an incorrect and prolonged sitting position. A rigid neck is characterized by pain and the difficulty of moving, especially when one cannot turn their head from one side to another. This type of sprain might be accompanied by pain to the neck muscles, headaches, shoulder or arm discomfort. This condition is currently known as „wolf – neck”.

How did we get here!?


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  1. Most often incorrect sitting positions excessively working on a desk computer or bending necks down onto the mobile phone or tablet, or incorrect driving positions.
  2. Tense, uncomfortable sleeping positions, the same as those generating bruxism (grinding teeth in sleep).
  3. Sports traumas – such as sudden falls or blows that push the head to one side.
  4. By repeatedly twisting the head.
  5. By carrying heavy loads on the shoulders.
  6. Permanent anxiety also leads to sprain in the neck.

The symptoms will worsen when the root of the problem is not addressed.

Preventable and avoidable!

Everything is correctable in the long run. Ergonomic workstation in the office will help to adjust the height of the chair to keep the monitor at the eye level.


Regular breaks are highly recommended. The medical practitioners suggest that we should take a few steps every forty minutes or so. Last but not least we can correct our sleeping position by using small, flat pillows. Thirty minutes a day of exercising will tone and energize our body.

We can help!

An escape to Ana Aslan Health Spa at Europa Hotel in Eforie Nord is the best cure for those symptoms.

Any contracture in the neck area will be relieved by relaxing massages that stimulate blood circulation and nerve endings, eliminating painful sprains. The hot or cold mud used in the massage is a heavenly hand for removing sprains, relieving body stress, reducing any pain in the neck or shoulders.

Local applications of hot mud poultices also stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Here is where you will find the answer to your questions about how to eliminate these terrible pains. Join our friendly and relaxed team of specialists and other happy customers. Thus you can increase your life quality without delay.







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