We usually plan the most important trips together with our husbands, but perhaps once in a while it’s worth making an exception.

Have you ever thought about organizing a surprise getaway in the mountains for him? It is certainly a plan which involves some adrenalin rush, both in the planning phase and during the actual surprise. Below are the 6 steps which we advise you to have in mind while organizing such a surprise.

Step 1: Check the weather forecast

Trips to the mountains are beautiful in any season, because the mountains have their special charm. However, you do need to check the weather forecast for at least two reasons. First of all, the activities you choose depend to a large extent on the weather, and you should be able to plan some time outdoors. Secondly, you will have to pack for both of you, so that he won’t suspect what you are up to.  

Step 2: Book a couple massage

The surprise trip can begin with a couple spa therapy which you both deserve and which you should enjoy in the coziest and most elegant setting for maximum effects. You should walk into this relaxation sanctuary together, disconnect from the everyday concerns and reconnect to each other. The massage will help you relax and regain your vitality both for the week-end and beyond!  

Step 3: Plan a surprise party with your friends

Let your husband think you will spend the weekend in the family. The fact that you have arranged for your best friends to join should remain top secret until the very moment they enter the “stage”. You can plan for the second surprise in one of those mountain resort restaurants with a great view, delicious traditional dishes and a great collection of wines or, if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, you can choose to spend the evening in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine.

Step 4: Choose a hiking trail

The mountain landscape usually pampers all the senses: surrender yourself to the beauty of steep slopes and of thick fir-tree forests, inhale deeply the smell of fir and pine tree cones, indulge in the freshness of hand-picked forest fruit or in the healing power of herbal teas and feel the peace caress your soul.  You can choose various routes, depending on your shape and on the number of hours that you would like to spend outdoor. Before you venture on a mountain trail, make sure to always check with local guides.

Step 5: Energize with group activities

The larger and more diverse the group, the more options for leisure activities you have. You can do some mountain biking or take riding lessons from certified trainers. Check for available lessons for children as well, if they are happy you will be free..:). As long as there isn’t any snow, they will love to get involved in some treasure hunt in the woods.

In winter you can obviously choose a seasonal sport, ski, snowboarding, skating…whether you are a beginner or an expert already, the exercise will work wonders on your health.  

Step 6: Relax in an outdoor hot tub with your husband

At the end of the day, after all these hours spent the fresh mountain air, a relaxing time in a hot tub will give you the opportunity to admire the landscape once again, this time from a totally different perspective. With a glass of champagne in hand, you can review the great moments the two of you spent together and be proud of all those limits you have knocked down. From here, in the seventh heaven, you can start making new plans and sketch together the next trip.