Many couples find themselves in the same scenario: the partners come back home very late at night, they spend little time together and even though they might want to pay more attention to each other, fatigue comes in the way. During the weekend you would like to do something different, something refreshing, but you have the feeling there is nothing new to do in Bucharest. We suggest you to embark on a special ritual which will make you feel like two tourists on a romantic getaway in the heart of Little Paris.

Take a stroll through the autumn colors in Herăstrău

Autumn has a strange beauty, so generous with her colors and so deceptive with its changing weather. However, it’s impossible not to love it, especially when you contemplate it in the middle of nature. Actually, you will agree that a walk in the Herăstrău park is equally pleasant, regardless of the season. Weather permitting, you can choose a bike ride or row a boat on the lake. You had almost forgotten how great this park can be, hadn’t you? You can forget completely about time and just breathe deeply, in and out, in and out again, and feel the fresh air revitalize your entire body. This exercise will also open your appetite for the romantic Brunch.

A romantic Brunch at the Crowne Plaza

Between 12:30 and 16:30 it’s time for your multisensory experience: the romantic brunch at the Crowne Plaza. La Veranda offers the perfect atmosphere for your romantic escape and the live music will provide a nice soundtrack for a delicious meal together.

The variety of appetizers, soups, main dishes and desserts gives you a wide choice and the possibility to create your own personal Brunch concept. You may be curious to try some French specialties or you would like to delve into some Norwegian delicacies. It’s the perfect place to try fish dishes and fresh seafood, cooked to your taste: salt, grilled, steamed or papillotte.

Chef Ashlie Dias has cooked for couples in New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and Lyon, and is always ready to surprise you: “When you dedicate a whole day to new experiences together, it’s natural to expect more than just a romantic dinner. Weekends are a time to fully enjoy all the flavors, smells and colors of your meals. I encourage you to experiment without restraint and choose from the menu at the Crowne Plaza Brunch something totally new, so that you can reorder your culinary preferences. I see a great similarity between our kitchen and the lives of a happy couple: nothing close to monotony in it! I encourage you to apply the same rule, whether it’s for the gastronomic experiences you have or for the moments spent together.”

A Visit to the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”

Before the ritual reaches an end, it’s time to take a journey in time. The time machine may not have been invented yet, but in the same Herăstrău Park where you marveled at the beauty of autumn you will find a near-to-real “village” with houses dating back to the seventeenth century, collected from all over country and refurbished by the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”. Such a journey in time can add a special, nostalgic dimension to your Sunday.

Why choose the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Why let monotony reign when diversity is right before your eyes? Why wait until dinner when you can enjoy a romantic Sunday afternoon? Why travel the entire world when there is a lot of beauty to be discovered right in front of your eyes? A romantic brunch ritual may have effects you have never thought of…