A plea for snowboarding

5:30 am … I check my equipment for the last time and hurry towards the meeting-point with my pals. We all have one goal for the week-end: snowboarding! Two days of fun above and below the clouds with energetic, happy people, the fluffiest snow and fairy-tale landscapes!

I am Gabriela and in this article I will share with you a few reasons for taking up this sport.

Before putting the snowboard on your feet…

Although I’ve been practicing this sport for three years, I always do some warming up before the actual snowboarding session. The best thing would be to do some gym work-out for a couple of months to tone your muscles, but if you don’t have the time for that, you can do some home training instead. Snowboarding is a complex sport which involves muscle groups in your abdomen, legs and arms. And there is a reward at the end of the day: ever since I took it up I can brag about my flat abdomen and my very toned legs!

Here are a few of my arguments in favor of snowboarding:

1. The most important reason for loving this sport is that it works the entire body.

The correct position in snowboarding is with your back straight and your knees slightly bent, a very difficult position for the legs. My very first snowboarding experience worked every single muscle in my body and made me discover muscles that I had no idea existed! After three years of practicing snowboarding, I still prevent muscle pain with some aspirin. Also, I recommend alternative hot-cold showers and, if you have the opportunity, a sauna (but don’t skip the cold water shower at the end!)

2. Adrenalin is my second reason for recommending this sport.

Adrenalin is a major stress factor, hence the feeling of relaxation and intense euphoria after practicing certain sports. It is simply breath-taking to see that beautiful landscape at your feet: the tall fir-trees, the extra-white snow, the pure, intense mountain air and the absolute silence around. The first descent may scare you, but I recommend that you enjoy the scenery and follow exactly what your instructor tells you, and if you can take a video of yourself when you slide, it will help you even more.Adrenalin, combined with the high speed when descending and the extra fresh air will put your cheeks on fire in an instant, that’s why I recommend that you use some sunscreen in the morning.

3. Snowboarding teaches you balance.

The first time I practiced snowboarding I felt stiff as a plank. I had no balance at all (not even on the slope) and was very tense (which is fundamentally wrong, because in case of an impact, pain is felt twice as much as when you’re relaxed).For starters, I warmly recommend an instructor (preferably a very composed and calm one), to help you learn correctly. The first time is definitely going to be a difficult moment, but my advice is to be patient if you are determined to go through with it. You can listen to your favorite song, possibly drink a cup of wine before :)) As long as you’re relaxed, everything will come naturally.

4.    Lose weight the healthy way!

A typical day of snowboarding starts at 8:30 am (the time of the first ski lift) and ends at 16:30 (last lift) with a kicker session where we try all sorts of jumps. I usually skip heavy meals and keep it down to a sandwich, a light snack, a chocolate bar. This way, you will be surprised to see how fast you will lose weight. The more turns you practice, the more calories you’ll burn. Also, I avoid coffee on that day and drink 0.5 l water on an empty stomach in the morning. The time spent on snacking is usually in the ski lift. In 10 minutes I have plenty of time to admire the scenery, to do a selfie (why not?), to enjoy a chocolate bar. In the morning, during the first climb, when the air is cleaner, do breathing exercises.

A well-toned body, lots of adrenaline, better balance, weight loss, improved breathing and a great well-being feeling are several reasons why it is worth taking up this sport.

Gabriela Sandica is 26 years old and a member of the Front Office team at Crowne Plaza hotel. She is passionate about adrenaline and sport, health and beauty, the latter being inseparable in her opinion. She has been practicing snowboarding for 3 years.

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