Balneotherapy is known from ancient times for its miraculous powers.

In Eforie Nord, the Techirghiol lake, with its salty water and saprogenic mud, is an invaluable resource for alternative medicine.
It appears that the Techirghiol Lake was discovered by Roman legions stationed in Dobrogea region. The lake was recorded in ancient writings as a halting point on the main road linking the cities of Tomis and Callatis. The first documents about the benefits of the mud for curative purposes belonged to the Ottoman army, whose commanders used the mud to treat various health conditions in the early 1800s.

The Techirghiol Lake, situated on the Black Sea coast, between the towns Eforie North and Eforie South, is the largest salted lake in Romania, with a length of 7,500 m, 9 m depth and salinity of 90 g / l. It differs fundamentally from other lakes through its physical and geographical aspects, although the genesis is the same (river-sea). The average water temperature is generally close to that of air.

masaj namolAt Ana Aslan Health Spa, the balneotherapy packages combine traditional saltwater and mud rituals with modern treatment and recovery procedures. These procedures have proven highly effective in relieving pain and curing a wide range of diseases – rheumatism, lumbago, herniated disc, recovery from trauma and post-surgery, neurological diseases, osteoporosis, peripheral circulatory disorders, hypertension, skin diseases psoriasis or neurodermitis, chronic inflammatory gynecological disorders, infertility, respiratory diseases.

Spa Packages at ANA Hotels Europa and Ana Aslan Health Spa include medical consultations, 4 Physiotherapy procedures / day – mud baths, herbal baths, hydro massage, underwater showers, Vichy showers, cyclonic showers, paraffin treatments, mud massages, electrotherapy and a medical report with clinical assessment, evolution report and recommendations.

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